Frequently Asked Candidate Questions

Ans. Yes, there are no subscription fees.

Ans. Yes, free Newsletter. You just need to sign up and refresh yourself on the website periodically.

Yes, Registration on the website is mandatory for all sorts of job info.
Yes, you can apply to our website online irrespective of the status of your course completion. When you haven't obtained your Degree / Certificate yet, it could be recommended that you select "pending" or "student." Be sure to always select values for the study category and study state from the drop-down menus.

Frequently Asked Employer Questions

Ans. Our details are published on the Nursing-Jobs.in / Advertiserpricing.

Ans. Credit card orders issued online sadly are not commissionable orders.

Ans. To resume search access, please contact our marketing department at +917669276669 or cv@trauminternational.com
Ans. Using our national call center at +91 7669276669 is the fastest and simplest way to put an ad, or get some promotional information.